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Hello Dolly!

A few months ago we were sworn to the most exciting “run round the house doing a dance, that you’d only reserve for the best biscuits if you were a beagle” secret.


Now we can! WHOOOOOP! We are incredibly proud to say Paper Beagle has been chosen as 1 of 15 UK artists to represent FOLKSY within a very special limited edition box created by the LUCKY DIP CLUB.

So far 10 of the artists have been announced and you can find out more about everyone, including us via;


If you want to know more about the Lucky Dip Club;


OR come join us over on Instagram if you want the occasional work related update but if I’m truly honest, it’s more Beagles, sleeping Beagles, lazy Beagles, Beagles doing cute things & their even a member of their own Beagle club #GrumpyBeaglesUnited



Lucky Dip Club


For Mother’s Day

A small token of love for Mother’s Day, featuring inside handmade wildflower seed paper hearts.

Tell your Mum you love them with our ‘Mum, you’re the bee’s knees’ gift set and give a perfect alternative to fresh flowers.

Each envelope is hand stitched using a vintage sewing machine and printed with eco-friendly inks, inside is a collection of hand cut handmade paper hearts embedded with a variety of Wildflower seeds.

Our Wildflower seeds are hand picked from our own cottage garden and are designed to attract the Butterflies and the Bees.

There are instructions printed on the back.

You will receive one plantable paper stitch packet and one plain hairy manilla envelope.

Available exclusively online from: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/paperbeagle/product/happy-mother-s-day-plantable-paper-hearts




Happy Birthday!

A pretty floral ‘Happy Birthday’ stitch packet, featuring inside handmade wild flower plantable paper hearts.

Give a birthday card with a difference, celebrate the occasion and give a perfect alternative to fresh flowers.


You will receive a pretty floral stitch packet, a envelope, a sheet of Raspberry wrapping paper, a gift tag for you to write your message and length of silver ribbon.

Our stitch packets are printed here in the UK using eco friendly inks and 100% recycled card, Our Wild flower seeds are hand picked from our own cottage garden and are designed to attract the Butterflies and the Bees.

Inside the packet is a collection of plantable paper hearts, the growing instructions are printed on the back of the packet.


Available from: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/partners/paperbeagle/products

Say thank you and save the bees

Give your bridesmaids a eco-friendly thank you gift at your wedding and help save the bees!

Our ‘Thank you for being our bridesmaid’ stitch packets include a collection of plantable seed paper hearts featuring a mix of cottage garden seeds, proven to attract our black and yellow friend the bee.

Our stitch packet cards are printed in the UK, using eco-friendly inks and 100% recycled card, Our plantable paper is handmade in our own cottage studio with seeds from our garden.

The back of the packet says “A collection of plantable paper seeds to help save the butterflies and bees. Plant the seeds in a little soil, give them sunshine & water then watch them grow”

Available exclusively from: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/paperbeagle

New for Spring 2015

A new for Spring 2015 collection of wrapping papers, ribbon and gift tags. Perfect for any occasion.

All of our wrapping papers are ethically produced, they are printed within the UK using eco-friendly inks and 100% recycled papers.

Current designs include the Coral Spot, Mint Spot, Grey Cupid and the Swarm of Bees.

Our new paper collection is available exclusively online from: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/paperbeagle

A Free gift with every order…

As a little thank you for a amazing year with every sale of our hand printed snowflakes wrapping paper, there is also another option…

Snowflake Wrap

Click ‘SURPRISE!’ and you’ll be asked of you’d like a free gift? we’re not going to tell you what it is because well… it wouldn’t be a surprise would it!

Visit the website here;


T’s & C’s

A minimum order of 1 sheet per order, 1 free gift per entire sale only, free gifts can not be returned or do so at your own cost, we are not responsible for lost or damaged free gifts. Free gifts are available whilst stocks last & finally we reserve the right to cancel the offer at any time without prior warning.

As featured in…. House Beautiful Magazine

It was a lovely surprise to see the ‘Retro Green Baubles’ wrapping paper featured this week;


Large Green retro baubles liberally cover the paper to create this design. This hand printed wrapping paper is perfect for those who like to give eco-friendly gifts, using 100% recycled hairy manilla papers and eco-friendly inks.


available exclusively via; http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/paperbeagle