Corporate gifting this year with Paper Beagle

Corporate Gifting

‘Abies Nordmanniana’ Nordman fir tree seeds are embedded into a handmade paper star and stitched inside a recycled paper packet.

Give your clients a eco-friendly gift this year using our ‘Grow your own Christmas Tree’ kits. Each stitch packet is provided with instructions on the inside. We hand make all our papers and the seeds are sourced locally from a Christmas Tree farm.

The front of the packet will feature your branding or company message, printed using eco-friendly inks. The back will state “Sincerest thanks for your business this year, we hope like the enclosed we both keep growing” then a simple Merry Christmas and your details.

To discuss your corporate gift needs, enquire about product personalisation and place your order please contact ourselves or the dedicated corporate gift service team on 0344 745 9626 or by submitting a ‘contact me’ form on the corporate gifts page via;


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